About OSM sketch

OSM sketch is a smart phone App that supports OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping.

You can write notes directly on the map as if you were carrying a paper map and a pen.


For OpenStreetMap(OSM) mapping, drawing your memo on paper printed the OSM map is good solution.

You can describe on the paper anything e.g. Line, words, arrow, symbol and illustration.

"OSM sketch" realize such paper mapping as smartphone App.

You can draw on OSM map anything you want to memo anywhere, anytime without printing beforehand.

Operation is easy and optimized for small screen.

Multi touch operation ,scroll and zoom, can be executed also during "drawing mode" so you can pull out new canvas quickly.

To display current location and to zoom in/out map support your mapping and these function are difficult for paper.

This app exchanges these drawn lines into GPX file and uploads to your OSM account page directly.

You can open the GPX file by PC OSM editor(Potlatch2, iD or JOSM) and edit OSM data based on your lines when you return your home.

Sample GPX files generated by this app are uploaded here.


Tracing Mode / Scroll Mode

Tracing Mode:

Always display your current location at center of map. Until press this button again or scroll/zoom by touch, keep this mode.

Scroll Mode:

Scroll and zoom the map as you like.

Undo last line.

Drawing Mode / Navigation Mode

Drawing Mode :

Draw the line by single touch swipe. Multi touch swipe is scroll and pinch in/out is zoom the map.

Navigation Mode:

Scroll the map by single and multi touch swipe.Pinch in/out is zoom the map.

Upload as GPX file.

Exchange the line into GPX trace file and upload to your OSM account page.Required your OSM account before upload.

Clear all lines.

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